Technical weekly programme

The technical program was prepared for the purpose of proper monitoring of the movement in the water for children who participate in the camp.

DAY 1. (2 sessions) – 2h pool (Testing of swimming techniques and work with the ball)


DAY 2 (2 sessions) – 2h pool and demonstration on land (belly back base)


DAY 3 (1 session) – 2h pool + Video


DAY 4 (2 sessions) – 2h pool


DAY 5 (2 sessions) – 2h pool and demonstration on land (belly back base)


DAY 6 (1 session) – 2h pool+ Road trip

Taking into account the virtuous short period, the program focuses on the basic movements in water polo through horizontal and vertical movements and basic exercises in defense, offense and transition of the water polo game. Emphasis will be on the leg placement through all parts of the swimming movements with the ball and without it.

Learning and correction

Work in the camp will be primarily didactic : the aim is to enable young athletes to understand what works, why, how to correct mistakes

Sessions 2x a day

Training in the camp will be complex because we will train twice a day and work a program with more trainers and educators in the pool.

Injury prevention

The participants will be educated with the basics of warming up before entering the pool enabeling prevention of injuries ( exercises with elastic tires and other exercises )


Monitoring, explanation, examples, video playback... all this will be ways to provide opportunities to improve the quality of water polo progress.

Ensured the presence of at least three coaches that provide the implementation of all technical programme.