About Us


Our vision is that through sports training in camp we form the life habit which would integrate physical effort, execution of tasks and making new friends, teach you how to discipline, respect the rules and co-players.

We would like attendants to understand the importance of sport through participation in training and providing their maximum.


  1. Teach to accept suggestion as stimulus for further progress.
  2. Learn how to function and behave in the team as an important part of a system.

It is our great desire to motivate every participant to achieve the best results in order for individual and team progress and to help them acquire self-confidence for the purpose of understanding the significance of team atmosphere, all with great program tailored to the age of participants, with educated instructors and general responsibility in relation to the work of each and every employee.



The task of the sports section of the camp is to improve individual and team fundamentals of water polo game throughout development of certain parts of the game via exercise and strength of every student.

Models and ways of warming up, prevention of injury through work with tires, monitoring swimming techniques, warming up in the dry , warming up in the water through various exercises, mobility and agility of legs, water polo tactics, individual work, the position of the body in the vertical( blocks ) and horizontal mode ( without the ball ), position attack and defense ,going to the counter-attack and counter attacks stop, the position of the body to prevent the entrance of the second center, the position of the leg a man down and man-up ,the position of the goalposts ,change of direction ,the position of arms, hands ,body in shoting and passing, receiving balls from both sides , movement analysis through videos and much, much more.

Individual work0%
Swimming techniques monitoring0%
The techniques of passing and shooting0%
Water Polo tactics0%

Complete technical program takes place in a sports complex Bazeni Kantrida